best addons For Google Chrome

05 Jul 13 6 best Chrome addons for Twitter

Photo Zoom for Twitter

Photo zoom is a great must on 1080p desktop.Twitter Photo Zoom will super-size anyone’s avatar from the home screen or sidebar lists when you run your cursor over the thumbnail.
this app made me easy to see my new follower face. just by move my mouse.

Tareem Extender

it notifies you and enables you to retweet the “old fashion way”. There does however seem to be a new update on twitter as of this month which disables the’RT’ function. If you were able to update this as well, that would be great. (more…)

14 May 13 Useful Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Most of web developers and designers use firefox because of its addons and plugins which make it more earier, flexible according to their requirements. But now the some features are available in google chrome because Chrome’s extension support launched, the browser has become a much more viable tool for web designers and web developers. (more…)

14 May 13 7 popular Google Chrome Extensions for time management

Any.DO helps you remember everything you have to do.
Millions use Any.DO every day to remember all the things they want to do and make sure to get it done.

14 May 13 what is the best Google Chrome Adblock Extension?

I think it’s Adblock Plus
Surf the web without annoying ads!
Blocks banners, pop-ups and video ads – even on Facebook and YouTube
Protects your online privacy (more…)

14 May 13 Top 10 Best SEO Extensions For Google Chrome

1 SEOquake

SEOquake is a SEO extension (toolbar) for Google Chrome, it shows PageRank, Alexa and tons of SEO parameters, also works in SERP
Displays the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and other SEO parameters of any webpage, highlights nofollow links, text density, check and compare urls.

10 May 13 Most useful chrome extensions for me

what make me become an chrome fans is the wide variety of extensions that you can install to add extra features. You can even synchronise your extensions and other settings between your different computers running Chrome. This way, whichever computer you sit down at feels like home. You ‘ll find a wealth of extensions at the Chrome web store, here is the top10 i think most useful: (more…)